Cover: “The Sunbird” by Iryna Iaroshenko

In the Artist’s Words You may encounter it in the earliest of mornings. The Sunbird will be there, guarding people’s dreams with unmatched warmth. A being that can be encountered during sunrise, a creature that treads along the blurry line between night and day, dreams and reality.  This is my Sunbird, resting on the apple […]


Alice meets a man who loves languages, who consumes them as one would a delicious meal. She’s happy to teach him the Yiddish she knows—but he wants more. “Banhus” is about language, conquest, and finding freedom.

The Scumbling

Eliza’s mother was a talented artist without much time for family—until she died. Now, she needs Eliza for her last shot at fame, whatever the cost. “The Scumbling” is a haunting tale of ghosts, family, and broken love.

Ours But Not Our Own (Housesitting)

Liz and Owen jump at the chance to get away for a week to housesit in suburbia—but there’s something… strange…about the mirror in the hall.

Where Secrets Lie

Alice’s father wants to kill the snake he finds in a crate of bok choy. But Alice sets the snake free into their family home, one more secret for its rotten walls to keep—until, finally, they can’t hold any more.

Sin Eater

Adam keeps his grandmother’s restaurant afloat by serving sins illegally purchased from a nearby prison—but when a customer sends back a dish, Adam is faced with questions he’s not sure he wants to answer.

Letter from the Editors

Dear Readers, We blinked, and somehow it’s time for another issue! Before we tell you all about it, we want to share an incredible announcement: “The Frankly Impossible Weight of Han” by Maria Dong, from our very first issue,  has been selected for 2022’s Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, guest edited by Rebecca Roanhorse. […]