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Letter from the Editors
Aleksandra Hill, Rowan Morrison, Lian Xia Rose

Golden Girl

A. M. Guay (out 6/3)

Love at the End
Deborah Germaine Augustin (out 7/1)

Green, Yellow, Red
H. Pueyo (out 7/15)

For Future Generations
Rachel Gutin (out 7/29)

Our Bones Were the Mortar
Anjali Patel (out 8/12)


Seeing Myself in Unexpected Places
Jaime O. Mayer (out 6/17)


Issue 1.2
Isabelle Lin

For Future Generations

Edited by Rowan Morrison || Narrated by TBD || Produced by Katalina Watt
3700 words

Of all the Jewish holidays, Sukkot was the hardest to celebrate in space. Rabbi Greenberg had been a young child when her family boarded the generation ship, but she still had vivid memories of celebrating Sukkot back on Earth. The swish-snap of the tall, skinny lulav as she shook it back and forth, its flat green leaves packed tightly against its spine. The tangy-sweet smell of the bumpy yellow etrog, a bit too round for her little hands to hold securely.

The sukkah that her family built behind their house every year, with its thin metal frame, and its canvas walls, and its ceiling of bamboo slats and cut branches. The pride she’d felt when her father finally allowed her to help him assemble it, collecting branches for the roof or fastening the ties that secured the walls. It let in the cold, the heat, the rain, but also the sunlight that dappled every surface as her family sat inside to eat together.

The acid tang in the air that last Sukkot, the way the colors looked all wrong, as the world began to die around them.

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Rachel Gutin is a writer and special education teacher. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, and is a member of the organizing team for Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers. She shares her apartment with a satisfying assortment of books, a growing collection of craft supplies, and an impressive number of fountain pen ink samples. You can find her on Twitter at @Rachel_Gutin or on Instagram at @detailsandtales.
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