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Forthcoming: February 15


Forthcoming: February 15


Forthcoming: February 15

Voice Actors

Voice actor audition submissions are currently open

Who are we?

khōréō is a new quarterly magazine of speculative fiction. We are dedicated to diversity and elevating the voices of immigrant and diaspora authors. Our stories include fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and any genre in between or around it.

Who are you?

We are looking for narrators to add to our roster of voices for self-contained audio dramas that will sit alongside the short stories on which they’re based. At this time, we are only accepting applicants who identify as immigrant/diaspora voice actors (defined in the broadest sense of the term; more details here) and we are committed to matching stories and voices actors who resonate with the identity of the pieces they are voicing. We are especially interested in hearing from voice actors from underrepresented communities.

No experience is necessary, but please list any relevant experiences or attach a CV. This doesn’t have to be voice work specifically; any storytelling, theatre, or similar experience is useful to flag. We are looking for someone who is confident in their ability to record reasonable audio, with a dedicated USB or XLR podcasting mic and the ability to find a quiet space to record. We’re very happy to accommodate and assist with this during recording. We will be listening out for the quality of recordings in each audition tape, but we aren’t expecting studio-quality equipment.


These projects are paid at industry-standard rates ($250 PFH) and will depend on the length of the piece.

Audition Process

  • Include your name and pronouns at the beginning of the audition tape
  • Choose a piece from a pro-rate speculative fiction market and record an extract of up to 5mins in length
  • The extract can be from any part of the piece, choose something that best demonstrates your range

How to Apply

  • Email addressed to khōréō’s Audio Director Katalina Watt
  • Answer the following questions in the body of the email:
    • Name
    • Pronouns
    • Confirmation that you identify as an immigrant or diaspora voice actor (details of your identity not required)
    • Contact Email
    • Timezone
    • General Availability
    • Languages
    • Accent Abilities
    • Microphone Type
    • Recording Set-Up
  • Include CV or list of relevant experience
  • Attach audio file of audition (WAV or MP3 preferred)


We are keen to open this casting call to voice actors with access needs. Please email us at if there is any way we can accommodate your application, or if you have questions or concerns.


This round of auditions closes Sunday, January 24th 2021 at 23:59 GMT. We may be holding future casting calls so keep an eye on khōréō’s social media or subscribe to our newsletter below to be the first to hear!