Me and Seed Sheself

I been wid dis woman since she was small, and now is like we shell casing break in two, in three.  First ting I remember from being wid she is hearing she little girl voice. So close it make me vibrate. “Wait, Mommy, wait. Please.” She mother busy clearing up de table after dey had […]

Hiraeth Heart

We build the fire high just as the frosted fingers of dusk start to creep through the desert, the horizon unobstructed by the city skylines that once stood here. “Is it always this cold at night?” I say. I pull one of our blankets tight around me. Not even the pile of sunbleached bricks we […]

Phoenix Tile

I take one more look at the mirror and check the angle of my pocket square. The suit looks good, but then it always does—one of the few perks I have left.  One more admiring look before I pull the image from the mirror, ball it up, and put it in my pocket. I don’t […]

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

“Don’t forget to use Bubbie’s atmospheric pressure chart.” My mom’s voice sings across the kitchen. “Show these people that Esther Goldstein can bake on any planet.” These people: it’s a funny term for the family she is hoping will join ours by the end of the evening. My future in-laws and their son—provided I get […]

Electric Waterfalls

A solar panel was malfunctioning in Cluster 4, Quadrant 6 of the Prudhoe Array. Measuring approximately three hundred miles across and hovering one thousand feet above the water, the floating array was co-owned by NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, and SARC, the Subarctic Regional Corporation, which had bought out the floundering renewables divisions […]

Cover: “We’re From Here” by Marika Bailey

In the Artist’s Words There are parrots in Brooklyn. Roosting in trees, building nests and eating the occasional slice of pizza. They are the descendants of birds that escaped shipping crates or were abandoned by their owners. They are bright and loud and Brooklyn is their home even if this is not where the first […]