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Letter from the Editors
Aleksandra Hill, Kanika Agrawal, and Rowan Morrison

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Interview with Cynthia Zhang
Questions by Aleksandra Hill

Excerpt: After the Dragons
Out from Stelliform Press, 8/19

Sin Eater
T. M. Hurree

Where Secrets Lie
Cindy Phan

Joshua Tong
J. C. Changmore
M. E. Bronstein

“The Sunbird”
Iryna Iaroshenko

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Category: Issue 1.2


Our Bones Were the Mortar

I grew up the daughter of necromancers and undertakers, well acquainted with unmoored spirits. Singing, weeping, and hearty, rich food were well-known qualities of a

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For Future Generations

Of all the Jewish holidays, Sukkot was the hardest to celebrate in space. Rabbi Greenberg had been a young child when her family boarded the

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Green, Yellow, Red

Do you still remember June? Do you remember how we were back then? I’ll give you some clues: the air, thick with barbecue smoke and

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Love at the End

20 October 2060 I woke up hungover the day after Kuala Lumpur was supposed to end. At first, all I could understand was the sharp,

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Issue 1.2

Seeing Myself in Unexpected Places

As a transracially and transnationally adopted woman of color, I generally don’t enjoy “adoption” stories—with adoption as a defining character trait or plot point—by non-adoptee authors. But books have a wonderful ability to pleasantly surprise me when I’m least expecting it.

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Golden Girl

By the time you reach Holtsburg, where your wrong family is waiting for you, you don’t speak at all.  “Oh,” says your wrong mother after

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