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Bride of the Gulf
Danai Christopoulou

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Melissa A. Watkins

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This Is What You Came For

By Phong Quan | | Phong Quan
Edited by Aleksandra Hill || Narrated by - || Produced by Lian Xia Rose
4850 words

It starts with a beat. A steady electronic thump in my chest. Electric waves pulsing through my body with a feeling like forever before breaking into the tips of my fingers and the doors of perception. I gasp in the first chords of the song as they hit like my first breath of air, and when I open my eyes the club embraces me the way you used to every time the beat dropped: hot, sticky, lingering.

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Phong is a Vietnamese-American lawyer and writer of science fiction. Though he considers himself Californian at heart, he also calls Singapore, where he currently resides, home. He enjoys spending his time in Singapore catching no ball and trying to write postcolonial science fiction, and you can find his work published in Metaphorosis, Cast of Wonders and khōréō. You can also find him on Twitter as @pqwrites.
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