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Letter from the Editors
Alexandra Hill, Rowan Morrison, Lian Xia Rose


The Frankly Impossible Weight of Han 
Maria Dong

The Taste of Centuries, the Taste of Home
Jennifer Hudak

All Worlds Left Behind
Iona Datt Sharma

A Little History of Things Lost & Found
Shingai Njeri Kagunda
Available April 15

K. Victoria Hernandez
Available April 29


Issue 1.1
Lucia Li

Cover: Volume 1, Issue 1 by Lucia Li

In the Artist’s Words

For the khōréō cover in particular, I found it uniquely challenging to design to an environment that feels deeply familiar, yet carries a hint of an otherworldly/ sci-fi nature. One of the main ways I ended up solving this was by using a slightly “unnatural” color palette — another by playing with proportions and perspective. For the web banner, I kept most of the visual motifs consistent, but changed the originally twilight scene to a warm sunrise (or sunset) — something fitting to represent beginnings and endings.

Lucia Li is a Bay-Area-born graphic designer and illustrator and a current student at the Rhode Island School of Design. While she is currently studying graphic design, she also has an unfettered love for all things drawing and hopes to bring illustrative qualities to her design work. As a first-generation Asian American, Lucia has also been influenced greatly by the themes of belonging, immigration, and diaspora that are also central to khōréō magazine. You can find her work on Instagram or Twitter @kinggelbe, or at
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