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“Burning Down”
Tangmo Cecchini

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Cover: Volume 1, Issue 3 by Cindy Fan

In the Artist’s Words

The concept is based on my experiences as a first generation immigrant growing up with my mom who took care of me by herself while my dad worked overseas. The statue represents the rare person/place/community that helps keep you afloat among the harsh waves as you drift into and begin to navigate and survive the uncertainty and loneliness of a new place. The floating objects represent warmness, comfort but also responsibility. I also wanted there to be a lushness to the statue to but also a weariness as a result of overcoming various hardships and struggles. I also added in sea elements to tie everything together and give it a summery atmosphere for the August issue.

In terms of visuals, the hardest part for me was fine tuning how much depth I wanted to add to the waves, I wanted there to be a sense of danger and a harshness to the waves but also not have them overwhelm the other elements in the illustration so it was definitely quite challenging walking that line.

-Cindy Fan

Cindy Fan (she/her) is a freelance illustrator and night owl born in Sichuan, China. She immigrated with her family at a young age and spent most of her life in and around Ontario and is now living in Texas. Her work has been previously published in THIS Magazine, Strange Horizons, Smokelong Quarterly, and more. Her website can be found at
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