The tomatoes in our garden are hungry again. Nanna is not enough anymore. She has been feeding them for too long. Soon, she will be dead and then it will be my turn. This is what I think when I scarf down our tomatoes with every meal: A heavily scented stew; an acrid salad; a […]

Sorry We Missed You!

New Ceres: Now Serving Delicious!  I press my face to the cold glass separating me from space as my mother docks The Flying Potato to New Ceres Station. The outer hull of their marketplace level is transparent, revealing a line of people waiting for our ship to arrive. My hair smells like peanut oil and […]

My Mother’s Samosas

Dark, small, withered, my mother’s fingers curve around the half onion. With her other hand she wields her knife and dices the onion into bits so small they rival the garlic at the edge of the cutting board. I hover by her shoulder and ask what I can do. “You?” she says, as if I […]

Más chileno que …

I hold my birth mother’s name like a string of pearls between my gum and my molars. I hold it on the right side of my mouth, where my teeth are strongest, where my smile rests, and I keep it hidden. It is my most valued possession, the only proof beyond my skin that I […]

Review for: Izakaya Tanuki

Review for: Izakaya Tanuki Reviewer: Tom W., New York, NY Stars: 5/5 Brace yourself, because this is going to be a long review. Like, recipe-on-a-mommy-blog long. But I can’t tell you what a relief it was to find this place!  Some backstory: my husband was born in the sixteenth century. Usually, he isn’t too particular […]

tragedy of the sugarcane ghost

the old man doesn’t recognize me because i am wearing his son’s face. it is a mask that looks just like his, but without the wrinkles and yellow teeth. the old man had wanted me to fade into oblivion, for alma to lose me forever. my grave had become a parking lot. but i slipped […]

You’ll Understand When You’re a Mom Someday

Annalise dies in the bathtub. The baby screaming. Her husband panicking. The doula calling 911 on a cellphone smeared with red. Lacy clouds of blood surround her. Her eyes are glassy, tear tracks leaking down her cheeks.  By the time the ambulance arrives, Annalise is breathing again. There is blood in a vast circle around […]

Evelina, My Tentacles!

February 20th My dearest Evelina, I hope this letter finds you well. I hope this letter finds you. However you are, I wish these words find you. What am I supposed to say now that we are so far apart? I would like to lie to you and say that I am looking forward to […]

Nine-Tailed Heart

I visit the city gardens at my therapist’s suggestion to break from routine, to get out of the apartment and away from the memories. He thinks it would be good to revisit the things I enjoyed before, things that would remind me of the person I had been. He doesn’t say he’s disappointed in the […]


“And these,” I say, motioning to the stack of metal discs on Pan’s booth, “are coins. Earth’s economy is entirely based upon the transmutation of coins.” “How so?” Ro asks, flashing his beautifully wrinkled smile. The moment that Ro arrived at our tent this morning, I decided that he was a man. As far as […]